All Bark. No Sugar Bite.

Our Whey Protein Bark packs 150% more protein and 700% less sugar than the leading chocolate bark.

FITCRUNCH® Whey Protein Bark offers a mouthful of decadence that takes you on a delicious, crunchy and chocolatey expedition without any remorse. It has all of the sweetness of regular bark without any of the junk like sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and colors. FITCRUNCH® makes you feel good about satisfying your sweet tooth by delivering you unmatched taste in the form of a quality high protein snack.

FITCRUNCH® Whey Protein Bark is infused with rich, luscious chocolate flavor, packed with fresh peanuts and milk protein isolate crisps adding a crunch that’s out of this world. FITCRUNCH® Whey Protein Bark makes snacking fun again and claims to put a major protein crunch into your munch. The smooth, decadent taste of the chocolate with the added crunch of peanuts creates a savory, guilt-free snack FIT for anyone!