The gym is a sanctuary; a place for sweat to be given and goals to be achieved. Whether it is the squat rack or the treadmill, the bench press or the spin bike, it is where you go to achieve your fitness goals. There is nothing wrong with seeing the gym as the home for all of your training needs; that is its purpose.
Still, it is beneficial to see the world as your playground and not trap yourself into thinking you can’t get a great workout if you aren’t at the gym. The biosphere around you is full of great spots to sweat, smile, and work every muscle, all while getting fresh air.
Here are four great spots for your next workout:

1.Local High School Track or Football Field

Sprints are the secret sauce to a well-defined body. The human body is designed to run as fast as it possibly can as a survival mechanism for eight to fifteen seconds, and a bit slower for as much as thirty seconds. This used to keep us from being eaten by bears and the like, but now can function as awesome mechanism to ramp up calorie burning and increase the fat-furnace in our bodies.
Running a series of 100s, 200s, or even a few 800s on the track is a test of your fitness and willpower equally. If the track can’t be used – take it to the football field and run forty, sixty, and one hundred yard dashes. You may even find tackle sleds, tires, or other implements to drag, flip, and force down the field!

2. The Beach

Everything is harder in the sand. The inability to create perfect contact with the ground trains every muscle of the foot, ankle, calf, thigh, and hips. The need to deal with a constantly shifting surface below you forces the core muscles to have work overtime to keep you stable and upright.
Take a towel, a pair of dumbbells and your body down to your local beach and aim to do 3 to 5 exercises followed by a pair of forty-yard sprints. Repeat this a few times with new exercises and you’ll soon realize why the beach is much more than a place to relax and party!

3. Driveway Home Gym

If you happen to own a home gym, then it is most likely located in your garage, basement, or spare room in your home. Just because you set it up there doesn’t mean that it has to always stay there though.
While it may take a moment to move all of the pieces of your gym, or at least the ones you want to use, outdoors – it is incredibly worth your time. It doesn’t matter if you set up in your driveway, backyard, or even the middle of the neighborhood. It only matters that you take everything you would have done under the cover of a roof and expand it into your outdoor space.

4. Local Playground and Park

There are plenty of pieces of equipment that can be found at a local park or playground. Everything from the trees to the benches, the swing set and the monkey bars is in play. Pull ups, pushups, squats and sprints are all fair game in this space.
Take a TRX and a few dumbbells with you and you can hit the entire body from a variety of angles right there where most people go to simply walk their dog. Think about slapping the TRX around a tree and knock out your pushups just a few feet from the guy learning how to serenade with his acoustic guitar.
Knock out some pullups as you follow your child through the monkey bars, or hit a squat every time you push them away from you on the swing.

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