There’s a chill in the air during your morning run and the windows of your car are staying up more than down. Sundays are devoted to football and fireplaces. It might seem impossible, but the fall season has arrived.

During this festive season, it’s easy to allow your eating habits to slip into the comfort food zone. It’s just as tempting on a cool fall morning to pull up the covers and skip the gym. This isn’t a healthy plan because when you combine fall with the impending holiday season, it’s a good way to pack on 10-20 pounds going into 2017.

How can you avoid turning into a pumpkin this Fall?

Recommit When It Comes to Your Health. It’s not just January 1 that signifies a brand new start. With the start of the new school year, fall is a great time to access your fitness challenges and recommit to your goals going forward. Vow to keep a food diary for two weeks, writing down everything you eat and drink. Keep a similar log to document your exercise routine. If you’ve been stuck in a rut for a while, it’s time to amp up the cardio, add to your weight training and adjust your diet.

Enjoy Nature’s Gym. When it’s 100 degrees outside with 80 percent humidity, the idea of a hike or run might seem daunting. Those days are just summer memories. Fall is an excellent time to get outdoors and walk 45 minutes a day, walk-run or start a new jogging/running routine. Use the brisk air in the morning or night for motivation because you can stay out longer without the heat depleting your energy.

Find Comfort in Feeling Good. In the summer, it was natural to grill some chicken and add veggies or salad. Your eating plan was clean and healthy. Fall brings about rich beer stews, cheese covered casseroles and baking galore. Vow to stay on your regular lean protein and veggie program six days a week and allow yourself a Sunday cheat meal with your comfort food favorites. Remember that the holidays are coming up and the heavy foods (stuffing, yams, mashed potatoes) are on the horizon. You can indulge if you stay on your regular plan then the weight won’t creep up.

Exercise Before Big Events. Know that you’re going to a tailgating party on Sunday with brats and brews? Wake up an hour early and get a workout in. The same goes with holiday parties. Vow that on the days when you know the eating will get a bit tricky to workout to combat the damage.

Bring What You Want to Eat. If you’re going to a fall party or the big game is on, stack the eating odds in your favor. Bring a veggie tray with salsa, so you can stay on your plan. Or be the one to bring the chicken burgers. All of a sudden, you might just see a crowd around your healthy choices.

Don’t Let One Slip Become a Major Slip Up. So you spent a Sunday grazing. Don’t use that as your key to carb binge or the rest of the day…week..or month. Get right back on your healthy eating plan with the next meal and vow to squeeze in some extra workouts.

Keep Track. Don’t use clothes to tell you if you’re gaining weight. Jump on the scale a few times a week to make sure that you’re not packing on the pre-holiday pounds. If you see your weight going up then you can do something about it before it’s a double-digit weight gain.

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