Working out in the winter doesn’t mean that you need to keep showing up at the gym and pounding out hours on the step mill or throw around the weights every day. There are just some days that you want to escape the confines of your favorite fitness facility and just live a little. Yet, there is no need to turn these type of days into an unneeded day off from your health and wellness. Rather, take these days as an opportunity to switch things up a bit and enjoy a new challenge to your body.

Whether there is a foot of snow on the ground or it’s is just a cold, windy day, these workouts are exactly what you need to keep you on your fitness “A” game.

  1. Bodyweight Blast

A long day of holiday plans, or a lack of desire to go out in the cold got you feeling like you shouldn’t go to the gym?

Find a towel, your favorite playlist, and enough space to squat, push, and jumping jack your way to a better body. You won’t need extra load from weights, just a desire to work through the burn in your muscles and being out of breath.

Do three to eight exercises for a set number of repetitions in circuit fashion for as many sets as you feel is appropriate for your level. The exercises don’t have to be overly complex, but it also doesn’t hurt if you know some fun variations of traditional movements.

A great switch is to for a period of time, otherwise known as an interval – 30 seconds or so. Moreover, a great challenge is to do every exercise for ten repetitions, then nine, then eight, all the way down until you get to just one. That ladder will be sure to have you feeling every muscle in your body.

  1. Ice Skating

Not every great workout needs to be organized into sets and repetitions. You don’t need to periodize your happiness. If you are looking for a great workout, and you have a good group of friends, or your very best friend at home with you, then put your skates on and get to moving. Ice skating can really work the muscles of legs, hips, and core – all while enjoying the company of those you love.

Going a bit faster around the track will boost the heart rate a few notches, and doing it for an hour or two could burn well over 500 hundred calories, which is a memory well made!

  1. Snow Runs

When the snow starts falling you can easily run for your skis, snowboard, or a sled to enjoy the fresh powder. All of these are great choices to enjoy your day, much like ice skating, but involve finding places to go in order to make the experience more enjoyable.

However, if you are looking for a high value, metabolic furnace, then look to do some sprints in the snow that accumulates. The snow, much like sand on a beach, makes every step a bit unstable, which forces muscles of the foot and ankle to work double-duty. Moreover, the increased friction and resistance of the snow itself forces your legs to work much harder to keep your stride alive.

Add in the warmth you’ll feel from the extra layers, a few hills, and a celebratory snow angel and you’ll round everything out just how you want it to go. Spending 30 to 40 minutes running, sprinting, walking, and recovering can burn nearly one thousand calories, so lace up those boots and get after it.

Just be sure to stay hydrated. Don’t confuse the chilly temperatures and lack of sweat for a minimized need for fluid!

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