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MY HUMBLING EXPERIENCE Unexpected setbacks will happen. You can’t plan for them, but there’s an upside to each one. BY ROBERT IRVINE A few weeks ago, I was in my favorite place—the gym—doing my favorite thing—working out. Suddenly I felt a huge pop on the back of my left arm. A visit to the doctor […]

Health, transformation

Springing Back to Life

The shift to better weather is an invitation to get things on track. Seize it and don’t let go. By Robert Irvine In the north, the snow is starting to melt. In the south, the weather is hitting a peak that’s unrivaled during the rest of the year. Wherever you live, spring means new life. […]

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Just Begin Again

Harness the power of now and let it power you to great new things in 2017. By Robert Irvine The statistics on failure of new year’s resolutions are absolutely staggering. One study showed that just 8% of people realize their goals. Fitness goals in particular are abandoned with blinding speed, with a majority of January […]

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The Real Holiday Spirit

Making a habit of winter boozing is going to make next year even more difficult. “The Christmas spirit is not what you drink.” Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull wrote that line for “A Christmas Song” and I always think of it at this time of year. We tend to overdo everything in December. We overeat […]