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The Truth About Cheating

The Truth About Cheating No one will go through their entire life without eating the higher-fat, simple carb foods that you love, but if you want to succeed at losing weight, then you might commit to refraining from them on a regular basis. If you start a healthy nutritional plan, you must change your habits. […]

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The Green Zenergy Smoothie

The Green Zenergy Smoothie   Ingredients ½ average avocado (100 g / 3.5 oz) ¼ cup coconut milk, organic (or full-fat cream) ¼ cup fresh baby spinach fresh mint or mint extract to your liking ¼ cup vanilla or plain whey protein or egg white protein powder (Jay Robb) or collagen powder or plant-based NuZest […]

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4 Healthy Snacking Hacks

4 Healthy Snacking Hacks Why is healthy snacking so important? Well, it’s important for quite a few reasons… it prevents you from overeating, keeps you in check with your nutrition goals, regulates your blood levels and provides nutrients that fuel your body throughout the day. Protein-filled snacks are the best to get in; especially when […]

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Sleep Your Way to a Better Body

Sleep Your Way to a Better Body Between step counting, rep counting, and scrutinizing every calorie we’ll consume we should have everything covered in regards to achieving our fitness goals. If we eat the right foods and train the right way, then clearly we’ll get to the place we so desire to go; or so […]

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GET THE SKINNY ON HEALTHY FATS   It might sound nuts, but there is one childhood food that isn’t a diet deal breaker.   Grab a tart apple or some crispy celery and give it a smear of peanut butter. That’s good news on National Peanut Butter Day where you can enjoy the benefit of […]

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It’s Okay, Try Again – How to Build a Fit Lifestyle that Sticks Once and For All If your New Year’s resolution hasn’t turned out the way you expected, don’t worry there is still time to get back on track. Most people who are overweight and out of shape have tried to get fit at […]

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Springing Back to Life

The shift to better weather is an invitation to get things on track. Seize it and don’t let go. By Robert Irvine In the north, the snow is starting to melt. In the south, the weather is hitting a peak that’s unrivaled during the rest of the year. Wherever you live, spring means new life. […]

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5 Ways to Avoid a Winter Workout Rut

The temperature has dipped into single digits. The forecast is frightful and that roaring fireplace really looks inviting. Your six-pack? Buried under a heavy sweater and a parka. It’s scary-easy to allow your fitness goals to slip in the winter months. It’s also a big mistake given that this is the season of carb cravings, […]