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Train Like a Basketball Pro

Train Like a Basketball Pro There is something about the sound of a basketball bouncing off the hardwood that makes us want to be a better athlete. Visions of Michael Jordan dunking from the free throw line, LeBron James hitting an improbable shot, or Steph Curry nailing a three pointer from the fifteenth row come […]

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Sleep Your Way to a Better Body

Sleep Your Way to a Better Body Between step counting, rep counting, and scrutinizing every calorie we’ll consume we should have everything covered in regards to achieving our fitness goals. If we eat the right foods and train the right way, then clearly we’ll get to the place we so desire to go; or so […]

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ROBERT IRVINE’S BACK WORKOUT The following workout appears in Robert’s Book, Fit Fuel. You can buy it at General Warmup: Perform 20-30 minutes of cardio on an elliptical or machine of your choice. Get your heart rate up between 65% and 75% of your maximum heart rate (MHR = 220 – Your Age) Targeted […]

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5 Reasons to Workout as a Couple

Whether your goal is to get back in shape or to run a marathon having a partner to go through the process with you has numerous benefits. Should you get a trainer or maybe a friend to go through this journey with you? That may work, but before you start your search for a workout […]


Form a Real Power Couple

  By finding someone who inspires you to be your best. By Robert Irvine I’ve always believed that to get the most out of life we need to surround ourselves with people who are driven. People who, in the process of pushing themselves, in turn push us to be the best that we can be. […]

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5 Ways to Avoid a Winter Workout Rut

The temperature has dipped into single digits. The forecast is frightful and that roaring fireplace really looks inviting. Your six-pack? Buried under a heavy sweater and a parka. It’s scary-easy to allow your fitness goals to slip in the winter months. It’s also a big mistake given that this is the season of carb cravings, […]